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Heres what we need to do before Beta launch.

:kiss Add Captcha for registering
:kiss SIMPLE back-end
:kiss Check for errors
:kiss Clean up code
:kiss Update session data when user account info edited.
:kiss Verify email address - Beta 2?
:kiss Prefilled categories / sub cats - Beta 2
:kiss jQuery isbn10 and isbn13 verification - Beta 2
Add pagination to categories and colleges pages.
Style Pagination
Style Submit buttons on all pages
Store Title, Authors, etc into DB
Eliminate most Amazon calls to speed up page loads
Turn book image into link
Add user registered date
Format "Viewing book:" on view_book (h3 tag)
Change "My Listings" from Amazon queries to stored DB info
Prefill school dropdown from user account school
Figure out last page error with pagination
Search page

- Chris Glog

Been busy working on another website.

This is nothing more than a to-do list for fellow programmers for the time being.

- Chris Glog

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Please inlcude the address you would like them shipped to in the PayPal "notes" section! Thanks!

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- Chris Glog